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BIRCO Environmental's high capacity, portable pug mill plant makes us a unique provider of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) in Canada. RCC contains similar ingredients to traditional concrete but in significantly different ratios. This blend requires no forms, finishing, or steel reinforcement and has an ultra tough surface with high compressive strengths. 

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RCC Benefits

RCC Services

  • Environmentally Conscious
    • BIRCO Environmental's pug mill plant and in-house mix designs allows us to introduce a wide range of recycled materials into our RCC, as needed
  • Durablity
    • Can withstand heavy/repetitive loads, deterioration from
      fuel and hydraulic spills
    • Performs well in freeze-thaw climates
  • Low Maintenance
    • Does not require surface sealing or overlays
    • Due to its strength, requires little upkeep 
  • Construction
    • Does not require any forms or finishing
    • Can often be fully constructed and open for use in as little as 4 hours after placement, with heavy use in as little as
      24-48 hours
  • Heat and Lighting
    • Light grey color helps reduce the urban heat island effect ​
  • Strength
    • High felxural, compressive and shear strength tailored to project specific applications
  • Ingredient Ratio
    • Low water to content results in zero slump concrete​
  • Cost Efficient
    • Requires less cement material than traditional concrete, which is usually the most expensive component of traditional concrete​
  • Mix Design
    • We meet with you to determine/discuss project requirements
    • We create a custom mix design in our lab 
    • We share the lab results with you to determine an economical and structurally effective solution
  • RCC Mixing
    • Our high capacity, portable pug mill plant will mix the RCC material based on the mix design​
    • Mixing can be done on or offsite at a speed tailored to project timelines
  • RCC Lay Down
    • Based on the project scope, we can lay down the RCC
      or work alongside one of our project contractors

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