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With a proven track record of successfully reclaiming and remediating numerous environmentally challenged sites, BIRCO Environmental's project team can develop and implement customized environmental solutions.

Environmental Services

Pugmill Services

  • Reclamation and Recycling
    • Bottom ash processing and disposal
    • Ferrous/non-ferrous metal recovery 
    • Environmental reclamation planning and consulting 
    • Building decommission planning and implementation
  • Brownfield Development
    • Identification and analysis of redevelopment opportunities
    • Coordination of City planning and approvals
Our portable pugmill is a continuous flow mixing plant that can be easily set up on the job site.
It is ideally suited for a variety of applications including:​
  • Soil Solidification/Stabilization
    • Treatment of hazardous waste through the introduction of various chemical reagants into the contaminated material
  • Concrete Production
  • Other Construction Materials
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