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Situated in the heart of a vibrant urban centre in southeast Calgary, the 330,000 sf Seton recreation facility will provide a blend of leisure, sports, arts, cultural and recreational amenities. As a subcontractor for this project, BIRCO Environmental successfully designed and mixed approximately 40,000 tonnes of Cement Stabilized Base which was applied under critical areas of the project to eliminate any potential settlement issues.
This 115-acre property was the former site of a large steel foundry that operated for 25 years in the ecologically sensitive Fraser River Inlet.  BIRCO conducted an expansive remediation program, which included the excavation of over 1.5 million tonnes of site material. (video)
This 40-acre property, was the home of a large steel foundry for 32 years. Large quantities of steel mill by-products and waste materials were deposited in the on-site landfill during plant operations.
The 27-acre Port Moody site is the former site of a mid-sized steel fabricating facility. This material processed consisted of mill by-products and waste materials, which were disposed on site during the mills 35 years of operation. The Port Moody site recieved regulatory sign off and was developed into residential housing.
Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) provides an economical, ultra-tough surface for a variety of construction applications. In addition to our traditional RCC product, BIRCO Environmental also provides an environmentally conscious solution through the introduction of recycled materials in production of the Roller Compacted Concrete. (Video 1)(Video 2) 
BIRCO Environmental has developed a system for processing a range of leachable, contaminated material. This process is achieved through the precise introduction of various binding reagents into the contaminated material, essentially stabilizing and/or solidifying the contaminants.
Cement Kiln Disposal
BIRCO Environmental's cement Kiln Disposal process bypasses the need for landfilling a range of contaminated materials through introduction into the production of Portland Cement. This eliminates any future liability related to the contaminated material at a significantly discounted cost.
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